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VISA cuCheck Card 

Our VISA cuCheck Card is a debit card that provides you with a convenient and secure way to make purchases from your Credit Union Share Draft Account without the hassle of writing a check. Accepted at merchants worldwide, you can use our debit card wherever VISA cards are accepted. 

The card can also be used at any participating network ATM, as well as at thousands of other locations around the world. You can receive cash, transfer funds and do balance inquiries.

The cuCheck Card is available to qualifying members in good standing who have a Credit Union Share Draft Account. There is no charge to have the card. You may purchase up to $750.00 per day at merchants/point of sale (POS). You may withdraw up to $300 per day from ATM machines. You are permitted up to four (4) ATM withdrawals per calendar month at no charge. There will be a charge of $1.50 for each withdrawal over this limit.  You may also receive cash back with a purchase at participating merchants.

You are protected in cases of fraud, theft or unauthorized use of your card. You have zero liability if unauthorized use is reported within two (2) business days of discovery. After that, liability is capped at $50.00.

To report a lost or stolen credit card or to activate a new card, please call (800) 543-5073.

mycucard VISA® Credit Card

Through a partnership with the ICUL Service Corp., we are now able to offer our members a VISA® Credit Card.

Card features:

Low Everyday APR on Purchases
Spending Flexibility
24x7 Fraud Protection
Superior Member Service
Earn rewards on purchases towards exciting merchandise & travel awards through ScoreCard®.
To apply, visit: https://mycucard.com or call (888) 415-6154.

CU Money Visa Travel Card

  1. A plastic alternative to travelers checks
  2. Useable at both ATM's and the Point of Sale
  3. Amount limits: $100 - $5,000
  4. Card purchase fee: $9.95
  5. Reload fee: $2.00
  6. Inactivity fee (after 10 months): $5.00/month

CU Money Gift Card

  1. The ideal gift
  2. Useable at the Point of Sale at VISA merchants worldwide Amount limits: $10 - $1,000
  3. Card purchase fee: $2.50
  4. Monthly maintenance fee: $5.00 (after 12 months)

Online Bill Pay

A convenient way for members to pay their bills from our secure website. Just imagine, no more handwritten checks, envelopes, or stamps. It's a simple as logging into your home banking account, clicking the Bill Pay tab, and paying your bills at your convenience. Bill pay can also be used for:

  1. person to person payemnts
  2. account to account transfers
  3. personalized gift checks
  4. charitable donations

Credit Union members with a Share Draft Account in good standing and who have signed up for Home Banking are eligible for Online Bill Pay. There is a one time, non-refundable $2.00 enrollment fee. We also have two enrollment plans:

Option 1: 3 months free with no monthly fee.  6 transactions per month for free, then $0.50 per transaction.

Option 2: 3 months for free with a $3 monthly fee. Unlimited monthly transactions.



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