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April 2021

Why Borrow At Your Credit Union

There are a lot of reasons to borrow from your credit union:  low rates, personal service, many payment terms and options, same day approvals, pre-approvals, etc.  A reason you may not think about is that when you borrow at the credit union, you are helping other credit union members (your family members and co-workers).  Credit unions are financial co-operatives which means the members own the credit union and the members benefit from the profits.  Unlike banks where a small group of shareholders get the biggest percentage of the profits.

At your credit union, as members make deposits, funds become available for other members to borrow.  The more borrowers we have, the higher the profits and the higher the dividends we can pay.  This is an example of the credit union difference: People Helping People.

Oversharing On Social Media

Sharing online can be irresistible, especially quizzes, surveys and other fun opportunities for your voice to be heard.  It's important to note that hackers constantly troll media sites for personal information and quizzes and surveys give them gold nuggets of information that they can use for future cyber attacks.

Oversharing leads hackers to use that information for security questions and passwords.  For example: posting the name of a pet, your high school, or childhood friend can give hackers answers to account security questions.  It also can help hackers use targeted email phishing.  For example: if you post that you're an advocate for a certain cause, the hacker will use this information in an attention-grabing subject line of an email.  The email content can include a link to a fake website and malware-filled attachements for you to open.

Physical crimes can also be assisted by oversharing.  Posting an address of a new home can later be put together with a current vacation photo letting a criminal know that it's safe to enter your home. 

Tips for smart sharing:

  • Resist answering social media surveys and quizzes, especially those that ask personal information; be aware of coupon and promotional scams sent by those other than the official retailer; don't follow email links or open attachments from unknown senders, and since hackers can steal email addresses from those you trust, verify with the sender before acting on them.
  • Think like a hacker before posting information: Can someone use your shared information against you?  Does a posted picture show your address, license plate, or driver's license?  Remember, it's easy to enlarge a photo until even the smallest details are visible.
  • Keep anti-virus and other device software updated with the latest versions; enable two-factor authentication whenever possible, especially for social media sites; check that a site is properly secured with a URL that begins with "https" and has the lock icon on the address bar; check the URL spelling as hackers can drive you to a cleverly misspelled duplicate wesite that they control; never download apps from third party websites and get them from only official sites.

Source: Stickley on Security

 Erie Chapter of Credit Unions James J. DeDad Scholarships

We regret to inform our members that due to the Erie chapter disbanding, the DeDad Scholarship will no longer be available.

We encourage our members to pursue other scholarship opportunities. 

60th Annual Meeting & Election

When: Tuesday, June 8th at 5:30PM

Where:  IBEW 56 Union Hall  185 Pennbriar Drive

**Light refreshments will be provided

**Door prizes

**No cost to attend

Please make your reservation by Tuesday, June 1st.  Call: 814-455-2270 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Home Banking & Bill Pay

During this time of social distancing, we encourage our members to sign up for Home Banking (click the box on our home page).  It's an easy way to keep an eye on direct deposits and automatic payments, to transfer funds from one sub-account to another, to look up copies of paid checks, and to transfer credit union loan payments.  Sign up for E-Statements and view your statement online the beginning of the month or quarter.

If you have a share draft (checking) account, you can sign up for our Bill Pay service.  Schedule your payments from the credit union's website and eliminate the need for checks, stamps, and trips to the post office.  We have two Bill Pay options to choose from to fit your needs.  Click here to see the options.

Contact the credit union office at 814-455-2270 if you have questions regarding these or any other services.



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