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Have you ever received an email or text message asking for sensitive information? 

Many of us have. Such e-mails and texts appear to have been sent by your trusted financial institution, but they were more likely sent by a criminal trying to gain unlawful access to your accounts. This is known as phishing and we don’t want you to become a victim of it.  We will never ask you to provide sensitive information, such as account numbers, card numbers, PIN numbers, usernames, and passwords through links in an e-mail or via text message. If you receive an e-mail or text requesting this type of information, do not respond to it. 

As always, if you are ever concerned that you have received a phishing email, text message, or have questions about an e-mail or text that appears to come from us, please contact us anytime. We’re here to help. 

Phishing - Don't Fall for it.


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