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January 2016

If 2015 left you owing, our Tax Time Loan Special will keep you going!

Available February 1st - April 30th
Borrow $500 - $2,500 at 6.50%APR*

Delay the first payment up to 50 days
Up to 12 Months to Repay
Same day loan approval for qualifying applicants

*Other rates or limits may apply depending on lending criteria.  Loan must be backed by a 10% share pledge.  Borrower must be a credit union member for 3 months.  Subject to normal lending criteria:  credit worthiness, lack of delinquency, ability to repay, & Credit Committee or Loan Officer approval.  APR=Annual Percentage Rate

We have the New or Used Vehicle Loan for YOU!

Click here for rates.

55th Annual Meeting, Election of Officers, Dinner and Raffle

Saturday, April 16th at the Polish Falcons Club
Cost:  $8.50 per Person
Cocktails 6:00PM,  Dinner: 6:30PM,  Meeting: 7:30PM followed by the Raffle

Please join us and support YOUR Credit Union!

Contribute to an IRA Today

We offer both Traditional and Roth IRA Share Accounts.  You may be able to contribute up to $5,500.00 for both the 2015 and 2016 tax years.  Members age 50 and older may be able to contribute an additional $1,000.00.  Deposits for the 2015 tax year will be accepted until April 15, 2016.

Expecting a Tax Refund?

For your convenience, you can have your funds direct deposited into your Credit Union account.  Use the following routing number along with your account number and select savings or checking.

**Routing #243381065**

With tax season fast approaching stay alert for IRS scams.

Criminals pose as the IRS to trick victims out of their money or personal information.

The IRS will not:

  • Call and demand immediate payment.  The IRS will not call you if you owe taxes without first sending you a bill in the mail.
  • Demand that you pay taxes and not allow you to question or appeal the amount you owe.
  • Require that you pay your taxes a certain way.  For instance, with a prepaid debit card.
  • Ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
  • Threaten to bring in police or other agencies to arrest you for not payng.

For more information, visit "Tax Scams & Consumer Alerts" on

America Saves Week February 22nd - 27th

The perfect time to evaluate your finances.

Save Automatically:  It can be hard to put money aside for savings, but there is an easy way to save money without ever missing it - make your savings automatic in 2016.  Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction are easy ways to save automatically.

Assess Your Savings:  The beginning of the year is a great time to get to know your full financial picture.

Save for Retirement:  Saving now for retirement will ensure that you have enough money to have a comfortable standard of living when you stop or reduce the amount of hours you work.  Participate in a work-related retirement program or open a Traditional or Roth IRA.  Already saving?  Increase the amount you save toward retirement by 1% in 2016.

Save for Emergencies:  An emergency savings fund consists of a small amount of money to hep pay for unexpected expenses.  Saving for this fund starts with small, regularly scheduled contributions that build up over time.

Saving at Tax Time:  Saving a portion of your tax refund can be a big step toward meeting your savings goals.  This tax season, get ahead of your financial goals by putting a portion of your refund in savings.

Pay Off High-Interest Debt:  With planning, discipline, patience, and maybe some outside help, almost anyone can reduce their debts and start to accumulate wealth.  Find places to cut your spending so that you can pay down your debts faster and find places to trim your expenses.

Banking at Your Leisure

Do you want the opportunity to look up account balances and account activity, as well as to do transfers between your Credit Union Accounts at your convenience?  If so, then Home Banking is for you!  Contact the Credit Union office for the required form to sign up for this convenient service.

You can now get your monthly and quarterly statements online.  When you log into your home banking account, click on the "Statements" tab to sign up for E-Statements.

Direct Deposit

We encourage you to have your paycheck, social security, pensions, unemployment, etc. electronically deposited into your credit union account.

Benefits of Direct Deposit Include:

  • Transfers funds securely & directly into your Regular Share or Share Draft (Checking) Account
  • Eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks
  • Quick access to your funds
  • Access funds easily with a credit union Debit Card
  • Saves on trips to your credit union
  • Peace of mind when you're out of town
  • Helps protect the envirmonment

If convenience and safety are important to you, Direct Deposit is the way to go!

Family Membership

Did you know that your family members and members of your household (persons living under your roof) are eligible to join your Credit Union?  To join, they need a current photo ID (unless they're a child), social secuirty number, a $25 share deposit, and a .25¢ membership fee.

Family Members include your:

Spouse          Children          Stepchildren          Grandchildren

Parents          Stepparents    Grandparents          Brothers & Sisters

























































































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